The Discipleship Pack

A tool to disciple young people & learn key discipleship skills

Grow Like Christ in Four Key Areas

Grow in Your Relationship with God

Grow in Your Relationships with other Christians

Grow in your Relationships with Non-Christians

Grow in your vision to build God’s kingdom

Using the Discipleship Pack

The Discipleship Pack can be used in individual or group settings. Learn more about how to use it for personal growth, in small groups or online.

Small Group Discipleship
Learning Discipleship
Online Discipleship

Learning More about the Discipleship Pack

Our training videos are a great way to learn tips and best practices for using The Discipleship Pack.

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"The Discipleship Park has been a great tool to have beside me in my discipling efforts. It offers a roadmap for discussion to those that have the passion for discipleship but perhaps not the 'know-how'."

Brandon Silcox

Youth & Community Worker

"The Discipleship Pack has been a really really helpful resource for us as a team. It's not only been a really great resource for meeting with young people with mini session plans and great discussion questions, but it's also a great tool for helping equip more of our volunteers with the key skills of discipleship and to feel confident when meeting with young people.”

Ben Osman

Youth Minister

St. Mary’s Cogges Church Whitney

"We have found the discipleship pack a great tool to put in the hands of all our disciplers. The content is helpfully organised into up, in, out and multiply making it easy to tap into different themes for discipleship, while being confident that the core aspects of being a disciple of Jesus are covered across the breadth of the pack. The content is a fantastic starting point, and equipped our leaders to be intentional about making disciples while prioritising space to engage relationally - the groundwork for discipleship. I heartedly recommend the pack as a tool for anyone engaged in disciple making, whether adults or young people, doing it for the first or the 100th time. It isn't in itself discipleship, but a great tool to facilitate anyone trying to make disciples."

Dave Monck

Cambridge & District Youth for Christ

“The Discipleship Pack offers an easy to use, well explained, high quality tool to use in discipling young people, we found it prompted great discussion with the young people as well as taking them to the next stage in their own journey. I would highly recommended the Discipleship Pack to all Youth Workers.”

Hannah Robinson

Centenary Project Doncaster Hub Coordinator

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