About The Discipleship Pack

Reign Ministries originally created The Discipleship Pack for our gap year volunteers, degree students and church leaders as we trained them in the principles of discipleship. We noticed these individuals all had a motivation for discipleship and a belief in the principles, but they still struggled to be intentional and effective when they sat down with a young person or small group.


The Discipleship Pack reinforces the key skills of discipleship, which are picturing the end goal, assessing where a person is now, and focusing on the next growth step. The Discipleship Pack serves as a resource a leader can use when meeting one to one or with a small group. It can also be used – along with the supporting training videos – as a tool to train adult and young leaders in discipleship.

 About Reign Ministries

Reign Ministries is passionate about the church, young people and helping churches to adopt an effective strategy for ministry based on a disciple-making approach. Our 10 year vision is to train 200 Disciple-Making Youth Ministers who are based in local churches throughout the UK and 20 Movement Leaders who can train disciple-making across their towns, cities, regions and denominations. We currently offer this training by delivering a degree (BA Hons in Theology and Mission) in partnership with ForMission College and Newman University.  We also train church youth leaders and volunteer teams through our Learning Community weekends.

We would love the opportunity to speak with you about either of these programmes or to set up an opportunity to talk about specific evangelism or discipleship training we can offer you or your church.