Personal Growth

While The Discipleship Pack was developed primarily to help lead an individual or a small group to grow in their spiritual maturity, The Discipleship Pack can serve as a roadmap for your own growth. A good starting point would be to take the Spiritual Self Assessment.  The questions on this survey connect to the four different categories of Discipleship Cards:  Up-In-Out-Multiply. The answers may help you to get a feel for potential growth areas and specific cards to start with.

Alternatively, you could simply look through the deck of cards and choose a few that stand out to you as you pray and consider specific areas that you want to grow in.


To get the most of your time we would suggest:

  • Read – Focus on the Key Scripture Verse as well as the surrounding verses that the key verse is found in
  • Journal – Find some way to record your prayers, thoughts and answers to the discussion questions
  • Share – Meet with someone to share what God is saying and what actions you are taking
  • Pray – Ask God to show you who you could start to meet with to help in grow in their own spiritual maturity

Small Groups

Many youth leaders use The Discipleship Pack to bring more intentionality and direction to their small group sessions. It helps the youth leader or youth volunteer to choose specific growth areas for the group and it offers helpful scriptures, discussion questions and resources. 

 The benefit of using The Discipleship Pack with a small group is that it creates a ‘web’ of relationships in which to experience the ‘UP’ activities as a community, to practice the ‘IN’ actions with a safe group and even to start to learn to disciple each other.

A Suggested Plan:

  • Start by having each person take a Spiritual Self Assessment
  • Choosing 2 or 3 cards that represent key growth areas

Spiritual Self Assessment

A Weekly Structure:

  • Catch Up: Take some time to hang out and have fun
  • Check-In: Ask Questions about how young people are feeling about school, home, friendships, etc
  • Discipleship Card: Work through the content on one of the cards
  • Follow Up: Record thoughts and questions for next time

What Should Our Discipleship Time Look Like?


The Discipleship Pack is a great resource that can be used to meet online either in a small group or one-to-one. Purchasing The Discipleship Pack is necessary to lead the meeting. We also recommend pairing the pack with our free Virtual Discipleship Toolkit which contains many helpful tips. Please make sure that you are aware of how to meet safely with young people online and that you follow the Safeguarding policy of your church or organisation.

Virtual Discipleship Toolkit

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